Nature and Animal Friends Meet at BulutOrman Houses

Life has started in BulutOrman Houses, the project of Tanyer Yapı, which attracts attention with its architecture, valley and sea view and social facilities. The first event held in BulutOrman Houses in Narlıdere, surrounded by pine forests to the south of the project, Izmir gulf to the north and a spacious forest area in front of the project, witnessed colourful scenes.

Environmental and animal friends met at the social life party organised in BulutOrman Houses, which is located away from the chaos and noise of the city with its fresh air with plenty of oxygen.

The event, organised by the poolside of BulutOrman Houses, brought together families with Poddle breed dogs, which is accepted as the national dog of France.

Based on the post made on social media under the leadership of Fatih Şahin, President of Izmir Poodle Group and make-up artist, the party, which was organised with unlimited food and beverage service, with music and fun games, where cute friends can relieve stress, attracted great interest.

The poddle breed cute friends, who exhibited their talents in the colourful games performed under the direction of Kemalpaşa Dog Garden Founder and trainer Kutay Özkan, fascinated the audience.

In the competition held at the night, awards were given in six categories, based on the Most Talented Poddle, the Fluffiest Poddle, the Most docile Poddle, the Fastest Poddle, the Fanciest Poddle and the Most Athletic Poddle

Taylan Tanyer, General Coordinator of Tanyer Yapı, who also owns a poddle named Alf and hosted the night,

"We designed BulutOrman Houses, as the name suggests, as a new living space where nature and environment friendly families will live happily and peacefully.

We brought both families and poddle friends together at the social life party we organised."