About Us

The firm that gives life to the peaks...


Tanyer Our journey started with a dream in 1994. Our dream is to construct high-end living spaces to be enjoyed for generations by gaining inspiration from the nature, history, people and colors of İzmir where we have been established, grow and live.

During quarter century, our goal is to meet people with the houses where they are proud of and find themselves lucky. For this goal, we have brought the drawings of architectures who have achieved international success together with the highest technologies. And we have realized impressive social and cultural living spaces in the city identity of İzmir thanks to the projects of Altınvadi, Altınova, Mavi Su Evleri, Asma Bahçeler, BulutOrman Evleri.

And, now, we are extremely happy to introduce you our new project to be realized in Urla in which we have mixed all values of ours and being one of the most special locations of İzmir.

TanUrla, beyond an ordinary housing project and with its unique ecosystem…