“BulutOrman Evleri” will Give a New Breath to Narlıdere

Being known with its project in Narlıdere is giving a new start for a new model project with an investment of 25 millions TL again in the same district.

BututOrman Evleri seems to be a candidate for being a new icon of Narlıdere with its location just in the nature and modern architecture in the north of Asma Bahçeler just on the border of the forest.

Münir Tanyer, the chairman of Tanyer Construction, who told that this project has a scenery of both the bay and forest just like Asma Bahçeler and he mentioned that the residences had only a 7-meter distance from the forest.

Tanyer said: "The project has the forest in the south and east, the bay in the north and Ali Onbaşı Stream in the west. BulutOrman Evleri is above Asma Bahçeler. We hit the first dig. It is planned to finish the project in 3 years. It has an architectural design like Asma Bahçeler so that the residences won't prevent the scenery. The clouds are just on top of the buildings in winter. You feel like just touching the clouds. We are just in the forest. We are proud of starting this project that deserves its name."

Münir Tanyer emphasized that they preferred locations with fresh air and in the nature while drafting the projects and then he continued: "We are exposed to air pollution and noise at our homes where we spend a major part of our lives without being aware. This concludes in some damages on the psychology and biology of us. In this manner BulutOrman Evleri is really far away from the noise of the city and has fresh air. A very momentous geological study has been accomplished by Professor Sadık Bakır and Doctor Serkan Üçer from ODTÜ.


Münir Tanyer, the chairman of Tanyer Construction, mentioned that they designed BulutOrman Evleri, the new project located on a 20 thousand square meter land, according to the expectations and requests of their customers and there are 120 residences of 1+1 and 2+1.

After drawing attention to the point that they provide lots of social facilities, Tanyer made these explanations: "This won't be a place just to set off to work. We have planned to provide an environment suitable for neighbourliness and friendship with peace. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, indoor parking lots, gym, public facilities, a mini market and running tracks in this project. We focused on involving kids in sports and support their evolution. People of all ages can find something of his or her own and they can go nature walking. They can reach forest as soon as they live their homes."


BulutOrman Evleri is located at a place near city center. Ant this project, which is 7 minutes to the highway, 20 minutes to Çeşme, 20 minutes to the airport, 15 minutes to the shopping malls, 10 minutes to 9 Eylül Hospital, is already at a preferred location for investors.