BulutOrman Evleri

BulutOrman Evleri




Here is a chance of living in a special location where vast clouds meet hug the evergreen forest in Narlıdere. You have a luxury of being able to wake up smelling the thymes and then picking up berries here. You can race with the butterflies on the natural walking paths breathing the freshest air around. You have the privilege of reaching all the facilities of the city or running away from chaos in minutes. Here is the pleasure of connecting to the highway quickly and having all the seaside towns a neighbour. And of course there is the ease of using public transportation whenever you wish.

As it says in its name, here is BulutOrman Evleri

It has it in its nature

Come along to get one of the 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 flats with launch prices.


Whatever there is is in BulutOrman Evleri!


120 residences with options of 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1

• 5-floor Car Park

• Smart Home System

• Electric Window Shades

• Floor Heating Systems with Natural Gas

• Built-in Products

• 2 Air conditioners

• Outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools

• Gym, Vapour Room, Sauna

• Hobby Facilities

• Meeting Saloons

• Social Facilities

• Open Garden and Marketplace

• Wide Lighted-up Streets