A Significant Contribution to Education from Tanyer Construction

With Asma Bahçeler, its new prestigious project for İzmir, Tanyer Construction added a new significant contribution for education.

Talked about a lot with the previously held art night in aid of Koruncuk Foundation, Tanyer Construction is now appreciated by its support for Narlıdere İnönü Primary School.

Tanyer Construction repaired and renewed the old worn out floors, windows and the handrails in the garden, added a new part and made a comfortable education environment after painting the walls. And they gave various presents to the students.

Münir Tanyer, the chairman of Tanyer Construction gave a speech at the ceremony in Narlıdere Primary School. Provincial National Education Governor, Abdülkadir Yıldız, and District Governor, Osman Aslan Canbaba, also attended the ceremony. The Tanyer uttered that their supports for education will go on increasingly.

He emphasized the pleasure they have by supporting the education of children as well the adults of our tomorrow. He also gave thanked Narlıdere Governorship for their guidance in this period.

Narlıdere District Governor, Osman Aslan Canbaba, uttered that Tanyer Construction fulfils its social responsibilities and is a good model for other people and companies.

Canbaba continued: "We care and give importance educational support both governmental and private channels. This support provides better conditions for our children and arises public awareness in the area of education."

At the end of the ceremony Narlıdere District Governor, Osman Aslan Canbaba, presented the chairman of Tanyer Construction a certificate of appreciation for his supports.