Jet Grout

Jet Grout

It is the process of reinforcing the ground by injecting compressed air, water and concrete into the ground.

Jet Grout method is a ground reinforcement way by digging the ground according to the measurements and then eroding the hole with high compressed pressure so that the earth and concrete mixture change place and fill the spaces and form a circular column.

It can be applied to almost all kinds of ground. It is faster than other methods. It can be applied in narrow areas and inside the buildings. It is ideal for reinforcing present buildings. It does not emit harmful vibrations. It can be easily applied near the infrastructure and underground fittings. Apart from the traditional injection methods, the strength of the column and the ground can be clearly detected.

Jet Injection is like a method of substitution other than an injection.


Basis / Building Support

Excavation / Shoring Support

Walls for Impermeabilitiy

Controlling Ground-water

Stabilization of Tunnel and Earth

Reinforcement of Present Buildings